Thursday, May 29, 2014

Auto Body Repair Services in NJ

Ridgewood Vehicle has been repairing vehicles since 1946. We offer many auto body repair services in NJ to help get your car back on the road. All of our services are done at great prices you can’t beat. The services we supply are:

If your vehicle was in an accident and took some damage, don’t worry we supple auto body repair in NJ. We can get you vehicle looking like the accident never happened. Our trained staff will repair you vehicle in a safe way and save you money in the long run.

Your vehicle is always a large investment. It should always look its best, we are here to supply auto body painting in NJ, keeping your vehicle looking New Year round. If the paint on your car has faded we can touch it up, looking like you just drove off the lot. Our staff can also help you decide on a new color and have your car looking new and different.

Potholes can do quite a lot of damage on the suspension of your vehicle. Over time it can get worse and worse after all the potholes you drive over but don’t worry. Ridgewood Vehicle is here to help repair the suspension in your vehicle. Suspension is one of the most important parts to a vehicle and we want to help repair it as quickly as possible.

If you ever have small or minor dents in your car we can help undo them with our paintless dent repair in NJ. We have techniques that will get these dents out of your car without causing any harm. Your car will look healthy in no time with no scratches to the paint.

Ridgewood Vehicle wants to help repair your vehicle at the best we can. In you need one of these vehicle repair services call us today at 1-866-854-4797 and speak to a collision repair expert today!

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  1. I have been meaning to take my car in to get repaired. I know that I need some replacement parts put in. I want to make sure that this is done correctly by a professional.